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Special Order Cadillac Parts

SPECIAL ORDER CADILLAC PARTS Allanté is pleased to offer brand new Cadillac parts at discount from retail price. Anything still offered by Cadillac can be ordered through Allanté Price is plus shipping and Florida sales tax, if applicable. Special orders take some time to arrive. Actual length of time will vary according to Cadillac order time, plus shipping to Allanté, then reshipping to you. If you would like to order new parts through Allanté, please provide as much information as possible about your car (VIN number would be helpful), and then as complete a description as possible of the part(s) you wish to order. E-mail this information to Allanté, and include your phone number and best time to call in case we need more information. Special order parts must be paid in full prior to placement of the order. You do not have to limit yourself to Cadillac Allanté' parts. Anything offered for sale by GM can be obtained at discount through Allanté 


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