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Blower Control Module

All years of Allantes utilize a module to control the speeds of the AC and heater blower. One failure condition is to have the blower keep running after you shut off the car. It can also fail so that the blower will not run. In the first case, it is clearly defective, and no further checking is required. If the blower will not run, there are other possible causes, such as a defective blower motor, or interrupted power to the blower or module. These causes should be ruled out before purchasing a replacement module from us. We try to keep used modules in stock at all times. They are installed on an Allante and tested prior to shipment. This module is located behind the engine down through the top of the airconditioning ductwork about 8" away from the blower motor toward the passenger side of the car. There are only three 7mm head screws to remove, plus the two electrical connectors. It is very quick and easy to replace. A comment we sometimes receive afterf selling a used module is that the module only has two speeds, high and low. The middle speed does not work. The middle "speed" button on the blower control is not a speed setting. Rather, it is for computer controlled blower speed. The HI button is for HI speed all the time. The LO button is for LO speed all the time. The computer will change blower speed according to how close or far away from the desired thermostat setting the temperature is. As you approach the set point, the blower speed will gradually slow down to maintain the desired setting. The way to check this is to vary the temperature setting from 60 degrees to 90 degrees and (as long as the actual temperature is somewhere in the range) make sure the blower speed changes accordingly.


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