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   Manuals is pleased to offer Robbins tops for your Cadillac Allante'. We stock Allante' convertible tops in black, made from Robbins' Sun-Fast G material. This material is made with 100% Acrylic Twill Weave surface cloth laminated using a unique rubber formulation to a German style Dobby backing. This is an excellent topping which offers good fit and long service life. Allante' tops are also available by special order in tan, maroon, and blue. Special order tops require about 30 days to obtain. All Robbins tops come complete with four new escutcheons, and new side tension cables. The escutcheons are covered with topping to match the new convertible top. We also offer new headliners from Robbins. We very strongly recommend that you replace your headliner at the same time as your convertible top, unless the top is being replaced as a result of damage and not normal wear. Original headliners can dry rot over time, and will significantly detract from the appearance of your interior as they start tearing and sagging. For further information, please feel free to call us at 561-844-3938 or e-mail us to

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